1Zpresso JX Coffee Grinder

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  • Stainless steel 48 mm burrs
  • Internal adjustment with 30 clicks each rotation
  • General catch cup
  • Recommended for pour-over coffee

Enjoy making pour-over coffee with the 1Zpresso JX coffee grinder! The shape of the burr makes the grinding fast and efficient.

The internal fixing between the burr and the central shaft make an impressive consistent grind.


30 clicks / 10 digits per round. The internal adjustment dial with 30 clicks each rotation allows you to find the right size setting for your favorite flavor.


All the 1Zpresso grinders are able to dismantle without any tool and allow thorough cleaning and maintenance without re-calibrating the burr.

Product number
1 year (within EU)

Product specifications:

  • Weight: 650 g
  • Dimensions: H 15.8 x D 5.7 × W 13 cm
  • Capacity of grounds chamber: 30 - 35 g
  • Material: 304 stainless-steel, aluminium alloy, and wood

Package Contents:

  • 1Zpresso JX grinder
  • Cleaning brush


Best spended money in 2020
Simone Z

The grinding quality Is incredibile, i work as barista, i tried lots of manual and Electric grinders, and the 1zpresso JX provides an incredibile high quality grinding. It's also built with very good material and confortabile to use. It has a little problem of static electricity, there's always coffee powder near the burrs, but mostly fines and parchment, so something you don't really want in your coffee Cup. Absolutly suggested, don't spend in your Money with expansive grinders, this One allows you to brew coffee shop stile coffee.

All good

As promised, the JX is working very well. A pleasure to use. Grinding is quick and it is easy to clean.

Todella nopea

Verrattuna aiempaan Harioon tämä on valovuosia edellä nopeudessa ja laadussa. Tarkkuuskin riittää ainakin itselle espresson jauhamiseen.


Väldigt bra kaffekvarn, jämn malning.


Funkar hur fint som helst, maler 17g (vilket är vad jag kör till min aeropress) på knappt 20 sekunder, bra byggkvalitet och go handkänsla

Manuella kaffekvarn
Laurin S

Grinder is of high quality, feels durable, and grinds consistently. Creates almost no fines and works in perfect harmony with my Cafeor pourover cone from Hario. I'm very happy with it and I'm sure I will for a long time.

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