Barista Space Synthetic Leather Wrapped Pour Over Kettle, 550 ml

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  • Handleless pour over kettle
  • Inner wall water level scale
  • Hole in lid for thermometer

This Barista Space "handle-free" gooseneck pour over kettle is a design innovation with a unique appearance, yet it doesn't lose it's functionalities as a pour-over kettle.

The kettle is designed based on human ergonomics, it is specially designed with efficiency in mind, especially for single handed operation. The external double layers of leather wrapping help to prevent heat loss and acts as a heat insulator.

The small hole on the lid is a provision for temperature probe insertion, making it convenient to control the water temperature.

Barista Space
Product number
  • Volume: 550 ml
  • Height: 145 mm
  • Diameter: 95 mm