Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

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Burg Jamaica Blue Mountain 250 g Coffee Beans
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Burg Jamaica Blue Mountain 100 g Coffee Beans
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  • Origin: Jamaica
  • Variety: Blue Mountain
  • Processing: Washed
  • Recommendation: French press, AeroPress, drip
  • 100 % Arabica

Original Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee from the Wallenford family farm

One of the most expensive coffees in the world grows in the highlands covered by the mist of Jamaica. The tropical highland climate, fertile soil and special geographical location provide ideal growing conditions for Arabica coffee. Thanks to the intensive and long ripening time, large, firm and full-bodied coffee berries flourish.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

The so-called Blue Mountains are located in the east on the Caribbean island of Jamaica. The area is covered with a fine mist curtain all year round. On these wooded slopes, which are part of a protected nature reserve, is located about 6,000 hectares farming area of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Temperatures at this altitude of 900 to 1700 m are relatively constant with almost no variations. High humidity and the typical mist have a very positive effect on coffee quality. The soil here is rich in nutrients, and fog and low clouds ensure that direct sunlight is rare. This extends the ripening time to 10 months and the typical, very individual taste can develop in peace.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee berries are picked by hand only. Harvesting sometimes on very steep slopes is dangerous and should only be carried out by an experienced collector. The cultivation and quality of this strict coffee variety is very closely monitored by the state authority, the "Coffee Industry Board" (CIB). Certificates of authenticity are issued for export to prevent forgery. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is divided into different quality levels, which vary depending on the size, color, storage and moisture content of the bean. Jamaica produces about 2,700 tons of quality coffee a year.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has an unparalleled intense aroma that is appreciated by coffee experts. The balanced ratio of acidity and sweetness, the slightly nutty, fruity and soft taste give this bean its legendary reputation.

The Coffee Roasting House Burg

The Burg coffee roasting house "Kaffeerösterei Burg" in Hamburg has been roasting coffee beans the traditional way in a drum roaster since 1923. Long-term partners supply the Burg coffee roastery with outstanding green coffees, of course always in organic quality.

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