Chalo Cardamom Chai Latte 300 g

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  • Chai Latte drinking powder
  • Cardamom
  • Vegan
  • All-natural

Chalo Cardamom Chai Latte has soft and sharp aromas & taste spicy and hot for some! Passionate Chalito’s will definitely appreciate this chai. This extremely warm, bitter & sweet chai will get you hooked in a sip. The spicy cardamom is widely used in Indian cuisine.

What is Chai

Chai Latte is a traditional Indian drink of black tea, a mix of cool spices, a dash of sugar & a splash of milk! There is no milk in the Chalo Chai Latte’s so you’re able to use the milk of your very own preference: skinny, fatty, dairy, vegany, cowy, horsey, ricy, soy-y, coconutty. Whichever kind of milk you would like or are able to dream about!


Sugar, black tea extract, maltodextrin, cardamom extract.

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  • 300 g