Foodin Makea Stevia Exctract Powder 40 g

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  • Natural and no calories sweetener
  • Stevia extract
  • Ketogen

Foodin’s Makea-Stevia Extract Powder comes from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, and the sweetness comes from the glycosides it contains. One gram of this all-natural and calorie-free sweetener is equivalent to 300 grams of sugar. Stevia’s glycemic index is zero (GI 0), which means it does not raise blood sugar.

Use Makea-Extract Powder for sweetening, either as such or mixed with another sweetener. You can also mix stevia with liquid. Stevia extract powder is suitable for sweetening hot drinks, porridges, yoghurts, smoothies and pastries, for example.

Due to its strong sweetness, Foodin recommends starting the use of stevia in very small portions and by boldly tasting. Stevia does not crystallize like sugar.

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  • Stevia extract powder
  • 40 g