Holmen Hymno 250 g Coffee Beans

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  • Filter/drip coffee
  • Origin: Peru, La Estrella
  • Taste: Blood Orange, Cranberry
  • Roast level: 2/10
  • Suitable for: Filter, Pot, French Press

Holmen Hymno - A Direct Trade Coffee from Peru

Holmen Hymno is a pleasantly sweet and round, balanced light roast coffee from Peru. Feel the tealike silky body and find the tart fruity aromas reminding of blood orange, mirabelle and cranberry! Enjoy the lingering aftertaste, it´s a hymn.

Direct Trade Coffee is bought directly from the farmer. The roaster or purchaser pays the farmer for their coffee beans, establishing a direct relationship. The farmers are able to work with the buyers over time to get a fair deal and deliver a great product.

  • Filter/drip coffee
  • Whole coffee beans or choose grinding
  • 250 g
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