Izzo MyWay Vivi PID IV espresso machine

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  • Lämmönvaihdin - voit vaahdottaa maitoa samanaikaisesti kun valmistat espressoa
  • Tilava 1 litran höyryboileri takaa jatkuvan vaahdotustehon
  • Klassinen E61 -uuttoryhmä pitää kahvinuuttoyksikön tasalämpöisenä
  • PID - lämpötilan säätö
  • Tosiharrastajalle tai pienempään kahvilaan

Izzo MyWay Vivi PID IV is a new version of the classic Vivi espresso machine. This high quality espresso machine has a a heat exchanger, which means that you can foam milk and brew espresso at the same time without waiting.

The machine comes with a large 1-liter boiler and a powerful 1400 W heater, which guarantees that you will never run out of steam when foaming milk for your cappuccino. The boiler has a water level meter and is automatically filled. The brewing unit is constantly kept warm by water circulating through the unit thanks to the Termo-Syphon system, which provides precise heat stability while brewing your espresso.

The classic E61 brew head comes with a lever to start the extraction of espresso. Enjoy making professional quality espresso!

The Izzo MyWay VIVI comes with a PID function to control the brewing temperature. Via the controller, you adjust the boiler pressure affecting the brewing temperature. The PID provides a stable temperature in the boiler and full temperature control for you as a barista. The Izzo MyWay Vivi has a no-burn steam wand and water outlet.

The Izzo MyWay Vivi PID IV is simply a great espresso machine both for the espresso enthusiast at home as well as a machine for a smaller café. Don't forget to buy a desent coffee grinder as well to get the best result from this machine!

Product number
2 years in domestic use
  • PID controller
  • Temperature display
  • NEW: Slimline drip tray with magnet, which is 1.5 cm lower than on previous models
  • NEW: Reduced cup holder, for lower overall height of machine
  • NEW: High group allows cups and glasses up to 125 mm tall (extra 2.5 cm) to be used
  • NEW: Manometer for both steam and brew
  • E-61 commercial group with automatic pre-infusion
  • Chassis shield is beautifully made in 304 stainless steel
  • Steam wand and hot water arms in stainless steel
  • 2-hole steam tip
  • Easy access to the water tank
  • Vibrating pump
  • Sensor for low water level
  • Single and double 58 mm filter holders
  • Stainless steel blind filter
  • Stainless steel tamper
  • 230V / 50 Hz
  • 2 pin Schuko European plug
  • Made in Italy