Johan & Nyström Burundi Munyinya 250 g Coffee Beans

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  • Natural processed
  • Producer: Long Miles Coffee
  • Variety: Bourbon

Johan & Nyström Burundy Munyinya is a natural processed Bourbon variety coffee with wonderful flavours of raspberry, papaya and blackberries.

Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi was started by Americans Ben and Kristy Carlson, who moved to Burundi when they discovered the potential of Burundi's coffee. In 2013, the first washing station, Bukeye, was built and the following year they built Heza.

This coffee comes from the area around a hill called Munyinya, located in the southern Kayanza region. After the cherries have been delivered to a collection point and sorted, each individual farmer's volume is documented. For this lot, the cherries were then laid out on raised beds, where they were further sorted and dried slowly for up to 30 days.

Johan & Nyström
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  • Filter coffee
  • Whole coffee beans or choose grinding
  • Weight 250 g


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