Johan & Nyström Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 3 l

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  • Blend with 50 % water, that's it!
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The Johan & Nyström Cold Brew coffee concentrate is made from Brazilian specialty coffee, the roasting profile has been carefully thought out for cold brew. The concentrate is made by extracting a double dose of coffee relative to the amount of water over a period of 15 hours.

The roasting profile emphasizes the natural taste of the coffee, where you will find delicious chocolateiness and caramel-like sweetness. The light roast also highlights the delicious cherry and orange-like flavors of the coffee.

Cold Brew: Mix cold water and concentrate in a 50/50 ratio. Serve with ice, simple and easy!

Ice latte: Mix concentrate and cold milk in a 50/50 ratio. You can serve the drink as it is with ice or mix all the ingredients in a blender. Sweeten to your liking with some syrup.

Cocktails: The Cold Brew concentrate works great as a substitute for espresso in cocktails.

  • 3 liters
  • Concentrate
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