KeepCup Brew 227 ml

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KeepCup Brew Silverleaf 227 ml

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  • Reusable cup
  • Made from toughened soda lime glass
  • Dishwasher safe on the top shelf
  • Lid off can be heated to 100°C / 212°F

The KeepCup Brew reusable glass cup has a specially designed lid that keeps on tight. The lid has a larger drinking hole, in order for you to better feel the aromas and the texture of the coffee.

The idea of the Australian KeepCup company is not only to create cups that are comfortable and effective, but to create functional concept based on ecology. Using KeepCup you affect the environment less every day.

The Brew can be machine washed on the top shelf, but we definately recommend hand washing.

Product number
  • Silverleaf
  • Size S, 227 ml


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