Lehmus Roastery Kesämäki Decaf Coffee Beans 220 g

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  • Light roast 3,5/5
  • Decaffeinated coffee

Swinging decaf from the corners of the airport

Lehmus Roastery Kesämäki decaffeinated coffee for smooth enjoyment, both for delicate mornings and moments of soft afternoon sun. We drink it in the front yard of the haciendos watching the planes take off to the skies.

Kesämäki is as soft as a lawn under your toes, with a taste of malt and a touch of yard fruit. The full-bodied aroma overwhelms the senses like a birdsong in a yard swing.

Taste: Bright taste with a nice acidity and malty aroma.


Coffee beans: Castillo / Caturra / Colombia Arabica
Country of origin: Colombia
Area: La Plata, Huila
Cultivation: Various small farmers in the area
Processing: Washed
Decaffeination: Dissolved in liquid (with ethyl acetate)
Growth height: 1200-2000 m

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  • Filter / drip coffee
  • Decaf
  • Whole coffee beans
  • 220 g