Moccamaster KBG744-AO double coffee brewer, black

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Please note: This product has a European style electric plug and uses 230V AC power. (Plug type: CEE 7/7, Type E (Schuko) / Type F compatible, or Europlug).

For heavy coffee drinkers

The Moccamaster KBG744-AO is the flagship model from this high quality brewer manufacturer. This dual model brews 20 cups of coffee in 7 minutes. The brewer is equipped with an automatic power shut-off (after 2 hours).

Moccamaster coffee brewers are designed to brew the coffee under optimal conditions in order to get the best flavor out of the coffee. The fast and effective heating element heats the water carefully to 92-96 degrees, which combined with the optimal brewing time guarantees you a better cup of coffee with less bitterness.

Durable quality

The Moccamaster coffee brewers are still being assembled mostly by hand, providing the quality and durability needed in business use. Only parts of the highest quality are used in the production of the brewers. The body of the brewer is made of durable aluminium, the water pipe is made of glass and the shower unit is made of chrome plated brass. The parts have good thermal conductivity, and keep the water temperature even throughout the brewing process. Dual heating elements allow for optimal temperatures both during brewing (92-96 degrees) and storing (80-85 degrees).

The brewer parts are easy to remove for cleaning. Clean parts give you a better tasting cup of coffee! If necessary, you can get all the replaceable parts, such as coffee pots and filter holders from us.

Product number
5 years (2 years in business use)
  1. Product information -Volume 2 x 1,25 l -Filter paper 1 x 4

- Dimensions (W-D-H): 32 x 34 x 36 cm - Power: 3040W - Metal body - Brewing time approx. 7 min. - Optimum brewing temperature 92-96 ° C -Automatic drip stop - Automatic shut-off (2 hours) - 5 year warranty (2 years in business use)


Arvio Moccamaster KBG744-AO kahvinkeittimestä

Keitin on ollut kaikinpuolin hyvä ja tehokas ja kahvista on tullut parempaa kuin toimistomme aiemmalla keittimellä. Ainoa pieni miinus on suodattimen asettelu laitteeseen: se on aseteltava paikalleen hyvin tarkasti, että kahvi todella valuu suodattimeen eikä pöydälle, ja alussa ennen kuin opimme kiinnittämään siihen huomiota, kahvia keittäessä tuli sotkua.

Moccamaster KBG744-AO double coffee brewer, black

Hyvä tuote.

Moccamaster KBG744-AO double coffee brewer, black

Hyvää, tarpeeksi kuumaa kahvia suuremmallekin määrälle.

Kiitokset :)

Nopea toimitus , sekä kaupat sujui hyvin.
Laite on helppo käyttää ja kahvi hyvää , eli tarpeeks lämmintä!
Suosittelen - maksaa paljon,mut on laadukas keitin.

Laite on juuri sellainen kuin halusimmekin

Ostaminen ja tavaroiden toimitus sujui ongelmitta. Kiitos.

Moccamaster KBG744-AO double coffee brewer, black

Tuote vastaa odotuksia. Asiakaspalvelulle ja toimitukselle arvosanaksi täysi kymppi.

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