MokaSirs Deciso Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules - 50 pcs

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  • Nespresso compatible coffee capsule
  • 50 capsules / package
  • Full-bodied and strong coffee blend
  • Enjoy a strong espresso, cappuccino or latte

These coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.

MokaSirs Deciso is a blend of Arabica varieties from Brazil and Central America, as well as Robusta from India and Indonesia. The proportions between Arabica and Robusta is 50 % / 50 %. The blend gives the coffee a strong and straight forward character together with low acidity.

The strong taste goes well with milk, bringing out the pleasant flavour of the coffee. The thick crema blends beautifully with milk into a cappuccino and latte.

Nespresso is a registered trademark of Nestlé. Mokasirs does not represent Nespresso, but is an independent coffee roaster producing Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.

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  • Nespresso -compatible coffee capsules
  • 50 x 5,5 g coffee capsules