MokaSirs Oro Arabica ese espresso pods 200 pcs

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MokaSirs Oro is a blend of Arabica coffees from Brazil and Central America. The blend is completed by 10 % Robusta, which gives some nice character to the coffee. The sweet coffee has hints and cocoa, and a slight acidity and fruitiness balance the sweetness well. The coffee is delicious, pleasant and balanced. The long aftertaste has notes of chocolate.

The box contains 200 single packed E.S.E. espresso pods à 7 g.

MokaSirs Oro is a great alternative to those looking for a slightly lighter espresso. Thanks to its sweetness it will go well even in milk coffees.

MokaSirs Oro is also available as 500 g and 1kg packages in beans.

Product number
  • Ground espresso coffee in single serving pods
  • E.S.E. standard pods (44 mm)
  • The package contains 200 x 7 g portions


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MokaSirs Oro Arabica ese espresso pods 200 pcs

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MokaSirs Oro Arabica ese espresso pods 200 pcs

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