How does the Coronavirus affect your shipment?

EU countries, Norway & Switzerland

Some zip code areas in Europe are blocked due to the Coronavirus (especially in Italy, Spain and Austria). Deliveries to these zip code areas cannot be done. For accurate daily information about GLS deliveries and blocked zip code area, please check the GLS website: https://gls-group.eu/EU/en/information-about-corona-virus

Should your zip code be on the list, unfortunately we cannot ship to your address at the moment.

Regarding delivery times, there are currently no bigger delays in shipping due to the Coronavirus. We ship EU orders mainly with GLS, and they offer door to door delivery. However, if the delivery to your home address fails for some reason, the parcels have been redirected to the closest parcel point for pickup. As many pickup points are now closing, especially in Italy, France and Spain, there is no fallback if GLS cannot reach you when the delivery occurs. In this case, the parcel will be returned to us. Therefore, please make sure your contact information (email, telephone number, complete address) is correct and accurate in order to increase the possibility of delivery.

We will do follow-ups on a daily basis and inform you on our web page and our other channels.

Non-EU countries

There will be delays in shipments to countries outside the EU due to the Coronavirus. The delays are country and region specific and estimated to 5-10 business days. As flight freight is heavily restricted due to flight restrictions, we can currently ship only to the following countries outside the EU with our EMS service:

  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Australia

We can offer shipping to other countries as well with DHL Express. Please contact our customer support for a shipping quotation to your country: [email protected]