Warranty and service

Products designed for home use come with a consumer warranty, mostly 2 years. The warranty time is shown in the product information on the product page. In general, products don’t come with any warranty when in business use, or the warranty is limited. Some products have a warranty in business use as well. This information can in that case be found on the product page.

What is covered by warranty?

The warranty covers for product failures that are not caused by the user. These are for example manufacturing faults, faulty components or materials or faults in the functionality of the product. The warranty does not cover failures caused by the user or faults that are caused by neglection, for example neglecting maintenance. Nor does the warranty cover normal wearout. If you have a question about warranty details, please feel free to contact our customer service and we will help you!

Warranty service

The manufacturers and importers have different ways of handling warranty issues. Often the product is sent to an authorized service point. Our customer service will help you with all warranty service details.

The warranty service time depends on many things such as the reason for service, the service queue, access to spare parts, shipping times to and from service etc. The service company will do its uttermost to service your product as quickly as possible in order for you to enjoy the product soon again.


It might be a good idea to service a faulty product even if it doesn’t have any warranty left. You can get the contact information to service points from our customer service in order for you to check with them for service possibilities and cost estimates. Crema also sells some spare parts - feel free to have a look to see if you can find something helpful there!


If your machine is broken, please return it to your nearest recycling point for end recycling.