Chemex offers you ways to brew the perfect cup of coffee. We have the elegant Chemex Classic Series coffeemaker in different sizes, both in the regular model as well as the handblown version. We also have the Chemex Glass Handle Series coffeemaker which has a graceful but sturdy glass handle instead of the wood collar. We also have all the Chemex accessories including paper filters in all sizes and shapes.

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25 products
14,90 €

Chemex glass cover

4,50 €

Chemex Cork Coaster

54,90 €

Chemex Glass Handle 6 cups

1-2 workdays
109,00 €

Chemex CM-2 Hand Blown 5 cups

129,00 €

Chemex CM-3 Hand Blown 8 cups

49,90 €

Chemex Glass Handle 3 cups

1-2 workdays
59,90 €

Chemex Glass Handle 8 cups

1-2 workdays
139,00 €

Chemex CM-4 Hand Blown 13 cups

1-2 workdays