Electric Coffee Grinders for Espresso

Espresso is its own kind of art-form which sets special requirements for the coffee grinder also. Espresso coffee is very finely-ground which means the grinder needs to have enough adjustment capacity and precise burrs. Many coffee grinders especially made for espresso also have a fork for the portafilter, thus allowing you to ground the coffee straight to it. We have a wide range of high-quality espresso grinders from different brands, for example Eureka, Baratza, Sage, Smeg and Macap. We'll gladly assist you in selecting the perfect grinder for you.

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439,00 €

Baratza Vario Coffee Grinder

1-2 workdays
129,00 €

Graef CM 702 Coffee Grinder

1-2 workdays
179,00 €

Graef CM 800 Coffee Grinder

1-2 workdays
219,00 €

Graef CM 900 Coffee Grinder

1-2 workdays