Ordering to the United Kingdom after Brexit


We will ship to the UK with all taxes and duties paid for you. This means that when selecting the United Kingdom as your shipping country, all product prices include either local supply VAT or import VAT depending on the total amount of your order. All prices are in GBP when selecting UK as the shipping country.

  • For orders less than 135 GBP (without VAT), we will collect the VAT and declare it to the HMRC. Our UK VAT number is GB368919340.
  • For orders exceeding 135 GBP, our shipping company will customs declare your order and pay for all taxes and duties on behalf of you and charge all costs from us.

In both cases, you do not need to declare or pay anything when receiving the parcel. This means that the total amount shown at our checkout is "all inclusive". For orders exceeding 135 GBP, you will see a separate surcharge at checkout called duties and taxes, which consist of both supply VAT and duties.

No warranty offered for products shipped to the United Kingdom

Please note that as the United Kingdom is not a part of the EU any more, all terms applicable to you are non-EU terms. This means that we do not offer any warranty for any products sent outside the EU. You are responsible to find a local service partner if you wish to repair the product. This might mean that you need to repair it at your own cost.

No 14 day return period

As the United Kingdom is not a member of the EU any more, we do not offer any 14 day return period for any order shipped to the United Kingdom.

Added costs for possible returns from the United Kingdom to us

Should you still wish to return any products to us, please note that the return process from the UK back to the EU is very different from what it used to be. Now that the UK is no longer part of the EU, there will be customs declarations involved if you wish to return any products back to us. You will be responsible for all return costs, including shipping costs, import VAT at our end, possible duties and any other costs that may occur to us. We will charge all import costs from you. In many cases these costs will be substantial, so we urge you to reconsider before returning any items to us.

By ordering to the UK from us, you accept all above terms as well as all our other non-EU terms. For a full list of terms, please see our Delivery terms and Warranty terms.


Is there something that you want to clarify or ask? We're happy to help you! Please contact [email protected] for support.

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