Cleaning Accessories

Detergents, Descaling agents and Water Filters for Jura, DeLonghi and Siemens coffee machines. Use cleaning agents from the original manufacturer with your coffee machine's own cleaning program to ensure that the coffee machine remains clean and serves you for a long time. Different cleaning agents are; tablets for cleaning a coffee machine, cleaning fluids for cleaning milk nozzles and milk tubes, and descaling tablets or liquids for cleaning the water system. Instead of a descaling agent, a water filter can be used in the coffee machine.

Espresso machine cleaners include brushes for group head cleaning, brushes for cleaning steam nozzles, and microfiber cloths for wiping a coffee machine. Backflushin, ie. cleaning of the solenoid valve, is carried out with a cleaning filter basket and Puly Caff cleaning powder.

A coffee grinder can be cleaned with cleaning crystals or cleaning tablets like Urnex Grindz. These are ground through the grinder and they remove coffee residue and coffee fat from the burrs.

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21,90 €
21,90 € / l

Jura Milk System Cleaner 1000 ml

1-2 workdays
16,90 €

Jura Descaling Tablets 3 x 3

1-2 workdays
15,90 €

Jura Claris Blue water filter

1-2 workdays
17,90 €

Sage Water Filter BES008

1-2 workdays
59,90 €

Jura Descaling Tablets 36 pcs

1-2 workdays
7,90 €
31,60 € / l

Jura Milk System Cleaner 250 ml

1-2 workdays
135,00 €
33,75 € / pc

Jura Claris Pro Smart water filter 4-pack

1-2 workdays
149,00 €
37,25 € / pc

Jura Claris Pro Blue water filter 4-pack

1-2 workdays
9,40 €

JoeFrex Barista Steam Cloth

1-2 workdays
8,90 €

Krups F054 descaling agent

1-2 workdays
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