Hario V60 Immersion Dripper Switch Server Set Size 02

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  • The set includes: Glass Switch Dripper, 300 ml glass server and 40 x V60-02 paper filters

Hario Immersion Dripper Switch is a glass coffee dripper with a valve on the bottom. The dripper is the traditional V60 model, and it uses size 02 filter papers. A special steel ball closes the opening in the dripper, making it impossible for water to pour immediately to the server.

After approximately two minutes all you need to do is to press the switch button to enjoy your favorite coffee brew. The switch snaps into open and closed positions, so you don't need to keep it pressed when releasing the coffee.

The Hario Switch Dripper is easy to use, producing good coffee every time. The base recipe is 20 g of medium coarse coffee and 240 g hot water. The immersion time is 2 minutes. You can of course freely experiment with different grinds, brew times and amounts of coffee and water!

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  • Glass Switch Dripper V60-02
  • Base: Silicone
  • Switch: PTS
  • Server capacity: 300 ml


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