Miscela d'Oro Espresso Cremoso ESE Espresso Pods 150 pcs

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Miscela d'Oro Espresso Cremoso is a Sicilian dark roasted espresso coffee with and intense aroma and a rich, velvety mouth feel. The taste of the coffee has hints of milk chocolate, and the aftertaste has a slight nuttiness in it. The blend contains 70 % Arabica from Central and South America and 30 % Robusta from Asia. E.S.E. standard coffee pods.

The Miscela d'Oro roastery is located in Messina, Sicily. The roastery started as a small scale family business in 1946. The Urbano family continues the business today already in the third generation. The goal of the roastery is to roast simple, elegant and high-quality coffees, while preserving the longstanding tradition.

Miscela d'Oro
Product number
  • Ground espresso coffee in single serving pods
  • The package contains 150 x 7 g portions
  • 70 % Arabica / 30 % Robusta
  • E.S.E. standard coffee pod (44 mm)


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Espresson tekeminen ei voisi olla tämän kätevämpää ja hyvää tulee.

Miscela d'Oro Espresso Cremoso
Taru P

Suosikkikahvini jo toista vuotta ja Creman kautta tilattuna kahvivaraston täydentäminen ja ylläpito on ihanan helppoa! Kiitos :)


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Miscela d'Oro Espresso Cremoso espressonapit 150 kpl

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