Miscela d'Oro Gran Gourmet 100% Arabica coffee beans

Miscels d'Oro Gran Gourmet is an espresso blend made of 100 % Arabia coffee beans. The coffees from Central and South America give the espresso softness and a fine balance of sweetness and acidity. The coffee has an intense aroma which adds richness to the soft body. An excellent Italian coffee to be enjoyed when you want a cup of smooth espresso with a long aftertaste. The coffee also goes well in a cappuccino, where it gives a pleasant aroma without being too dominating.

The Miscela d'Oro roastery is located in Messina, Sicily. The roastery started as a small scale family business in 1946. The Urbano family continues the business today already in the third generation. The goal of the roastery is to roast simple, elegant and high-quality coffees, while preserving the longstanding tradition.

Miscela d'Oro
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Erittäin hyvä espresso.

Todella tasapainoinen maku. Suosittelen lämpimästi. Oma kokemus vain espressoissa joten ainakin siihen 5/5

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Miscela d'Oro Gran Gourmet 100% Arabica 1 kg coffee beans

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