Alessi MDL06 Plissé Electric Water Kettle 1.7 l

Alessi MDL06 Plissé Electric Water Kettle 1.7 l, White

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  • Electric kettle in thermoplastic resin
  • Design: Michele De Lucchi
  • Capacity: 1,7 litres

Please note: This product has a European style electric plug and uses 230V AC power.

Plug type: 2-PIN, CEE 7/7, Type E (Schuko) / Type F compatible, or Europlug.

Plug changes (for example to a 3-pin plug with/without fuse) should be done by a professional electrician. We recommend using a separate adapter instead.

Plissé - this product's very name declares the sculptural nature of its design: like a fabric that a thick pleating transforms into a three-dimensional shape, this kettle is reminiscent of an haute couture dress.

Designed by Michele De Lucchi and made of thermoplastic resin, the Plissé kettle combines functional aspects with a plastic and fascinating design that reveals the creator's architectural background, as well as his passion for the handicraft and for sculpture. Like a dress sculpted by a fashion designer, this kettle is a beautiful object to be left on display on your kitchen top.

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  • Height (cm): 29.00
  • Depth (cm): 21.00
  • Width (cm): 16.00
  • Capacity: 1,7 l
  • European two-pin plug


Alessi MDL06 Plissé Electric Water Kettle 1.7 l, Grey
Gary Lever

Superb looking and functioning kettle.

Alessi MDL06 Plissé Electric Water Kettle 1.7 l, Grey

Fantastic product design , nice and light and quiet

Good looking modern kettle

Good looking, functional, and b nice overall. The electrical chord is black and not red as shown in pic.


Bardzo ladny, nowoczesnie wygladajacy czajnik. Jestem bardzo zadowolona i polecam wszystkim.

Nopea ja kaunis muotoilu

Täyttää toiveemme. On nopea ja hiljaisempi kuin edellinen keittimemme. Veden määrän arviointi on hieman hankalaa.

Alessi MDL06 Plissé Electric Water Kettle 1.7 l, Red

Kaunis ja toimiva, ehkä koko voisi olla samassa linjassa, mutta vähän pienempi ollakseen täydellinen minun silmääni.

Alessi MDL06 Plissé Electric Water Kettle 1.7 l, Grey

Hyvä tuote, nopea toimitus.

Ihana design vedenkeitin

Tuote on todella kaunis ja laadukas. Tykkään Creman valikoimasta, onneksi löytyi oikea koko ja väri tuosta vedenkeittimestä.

Inte röd sladd

Superfin MEN sladden är svart inte röd...

Alessi vattenkokare

Tyvärr lite plastig o locket går inte ta av , hade större förväntningar för det priset o märket. men kokar vatten som den ska.

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