Bialetti Spare Gasket And Filter Plate For Venus, Kitty, Class and Musa 10 Cup Moka Pots

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  • The package contains one gasket & one filter plate

Original spare gasket for the Bialetti Venus, Kitty, Class and Musa moka pot. The package contains one gasket and one coffee filter plate.

Gasket diameters

Please make sure you order the correct gasket size. You can find the gasket diameters below for the different brewer sizes. The diameter is the outer diameter.

  • 4 cup moka pot: 62 mm
  • 6 cup moka pot: 72 mm
  • 10 cup moka pot: 86 mm

Please note that we cannot refund or change opened packages.

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  • This product replaces the Bialetti gasket kit, which contained 3 gaskets and one filter plate.


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