Burg Uganda Robusta Ngoma 250 g Coffee Beans

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  • Origin: Uganda
  • Processing: Natural
  • Recommendation: Espresso, moka pot
  • 100 % Robusta

Robusta coffee can also taste good - this is Ugandan proof of it! Gorgeous Burg Uganda Ngoma Robusta coffee with dark chocolate flavor and a slight sweetness. Perfect as an espresso, but also as a strong coffee.

Unlike the popular Arabica coffee bean, which only came to Uganda in the 20th century, the Robusta bean originates from Uganda. Sometimes it even grows there wild because it is usually less susceptible to rainfall variations or diseases.

Uganda is one of the largest producers of Robusta in the world. After Ethiopia, Uganda is the second largest coffee producer in Africa, accounting for 2.5 % of world harvest.

Robusta Ngoma is grown in the Wakison area near Lake Victoria. Local farmers harvest ripe red Robusta berries by hand, which are later dried in the sun. This process is called "naturally sun-dried". Harvest is from October to January.

The Coffee Roasting House Burg

The Burg coffee roasting house "Kaffeerösterei Burg" in Hamburg has been roasting coffee beans the traditional way in a drum roaster since 1923. Long-term partners supply the Burg coffee roastery with outstanding green coffees, of course always in organic quality.

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  • Espresso coffee
  • Whole coffee beans
  • 250 g