Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister for Coffee Beans, Matte Black Steel

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister 700 ml, Matte Black Steel

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  • Store coffee beans, cereal, nuts, cookies etc. in this airtight jar!
  • Airtight silicone seal
  • Integrated vacuum pump
  • Easy release button
  • Not for storing ground coffee, it might clog the valve
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Oxygen makes coffee stale and robs your brew of its full potential. The Atmos Canister banishes air, moisture, and odors to stop your beans from aging out before you’ve enjoyed the whole bag. The matte black stainless steel Atmos jar has an extra layer of protection from flavor-sucking sunlight.

Twisting the lid back and forth sucks air out to prevent oxidation and extends coffee’s shelf life up to 50%.

Integrated Vacuum Pump – Twist the lid back and forth to remove air from the inside. The integrated pumps means no more hunting down a separate piece. The vacuum magic is all in the lid!

Vacuum Lock Indicator – Watch the dot drop to reveal a green ring. The vacuum is now locked to prevent oxidation and extend the shelf life of coffee and other pantry items.

Easy Release Button – When the contents are calling your name, press the button to unlock and bring the air pressure back to normal.

Airtight Silicone Seal – Stops air, moisture, odors, and other funk from seeping in.

  • Brand Fellow
  • Product number 3995
  • EAN 0852212007465
  • Matte black
  • Stainless steel
  • 700 ml (about 280 g coffee beans)
  • Diameter 11 cm, height 12,5 cm
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Customer reviews

Atmos Vacuum Canister
Nick W

Looked online for something to freshly store my coffee, and found this - affordable, and delivered quickly (despite all the inevitable annoying Brexit difficulties). Store kept me informed all the way. Thanks Crema!


Been using for a few days, I love how cool it looks. Sits Great next to my grinder.

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister 400 ml, Matte Black Steel

Bought 3, 2 work perfectly but one does not hold a vacuum

Looks cool, works great
Jessica G.

I love the look and the technology. The cannister is simple to use and keeps my coffee fresh. I was unsure about the size, with only the 1200ml version available. For ground coffee it's a bit large but I'm planning on switching over to beans and grind them freshly - then the extra space will probably come in handy for a 500g pack of beans.

The only thing I would criticize is the relatively charp edge on the main part of the canister where the lid fits on. I guess the see-through, glass version is smoothened out a bit more but I wanted the light protection as well.

Highly recommend

Easy and simple to use yet, higly durable and sturdy material. Retain aroma of stored items for long time.

Useful and good-looking

I already had a black Stagg kettle so I was pretty sure this would go well with it. As I have a single-dosing espresso set-up (Flair, Niche Zero) I needed a kind of intermediate sized container next to my machine and grinder so that I wasn‘t constantly having to open a 1kg bag for every single dose, but also one that promised to still keep the beans fresh that I a dig into a couple times a day. As such, you could say it fulfills the function of a hopper on a grinder.
I’m quite happy with the design and functionality. I‘ve only had it a couple weeks, and haven‘t tested whether the vacuum works better than any other airtight container, but it seems to work well and keeps its seal, and looks good next to my Flair and Niche.
While this size I think is ideal for my purposes, I plan to order larger one to store non-espresso beans, and perhaps even a white one 700 ml one to distinguish between darker and lighter roasted beans I‘m making espresso with.
I think I have seen from Fellow not only black and white accessories, but also matte gray. That I think would also be a nice-looking alternative here.

Damian Mc Hugh

Really well made and feels robust and looks great , delighted with it.

Great Device, Intuitive and Well Made

Great Device, Intuitive and Well Made


It’s a really nice canister!

Hintansa väärti

Lyhyen käytön jälkeen kokemukset hyvin positiiviset. Kahvi on aikaisempiin säilytyspurkkeihin verrattuna pysynyt huomattavasti parempana. Eron huomaa jo viikossa verrattuna edelliseen.
Ja onhan nää Fellow tuotteet kauniita
700ml menee 200g papuja ”heittämällä”

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister 1200 ml, mattamusta teräs

Näppärän kokoinen. En osaa sanoa säilyvätkö pavut yhtään sen pidempää tässä, kuin perus purnukassa.

Ehdoton väline kahvipavuille

Cool & toimiva säilytysrasia varsinkin ”cocktail-kätöselle” kahvifriikille.

Mainio purnukka

Nyt pysyy papu hermeettisesti säilössä. Purkki pitää vakuumin mainiosti. Ei taida olla aivan ikäihmisille tarkoitettu, sillä vakuumin tuottamiseksi pitää kantta veivata toistakymmentä kertaa ripästi edestakaisin. Hieno viimeistely.

Nasta vekotin

Style vakuumipönttö;)

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister 1200 ml, Matte Black Steel

Snygg design , snygg förvaring häftig pryl.

Does the job and looks lovely

I totally love it and it does the job and is easy to use and clean and best of all makes you’re coffee fresh for a few weeks!

Smart vakuumburk
Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister 1200 ml

Fin kvalitet och mycket enkelt att "pumpa" vakuum med.

Tappar vakum

Om man inte använder bönorna ofta hinner behållaren tappa vakum vilket sabbar hela poängen tycker jag.

Gör det den ska.

Bra kvalité o se gedigen ut.

Jättebra flrvaring

Fixar bra vacuum till mina kaffebönor. Man får skruva många varv innan ”ploppen” åker ner så ha lite tålamod. Har inte testat hur många dagar den håller vacuumet än.

Håller smaken

Burken är enkel att återförsluta/öppna och bönorna verkar hålla sig bra.


Använder burken för en färsk kaffe. Nöjd


Mycket nöjd! Förvarar kaffebönor i denna, märker att de håller sig fräscha mycket längre. Behållaren i sig känns gedigen och välbyggd, snygg är den också!

Äntligen en vakuumburk som fungerar!

Har provat flera olika vakuumburkar från olika leverantörer men de har inte lyckats hålla tätt! Denna burk gör det! Den kunde dock vara lite större så att man kan låta kaffepaketet stå kvar i burken...

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