Jura Milk Pipe With Stainless Steel Casing, HP1

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  • Elegant steel casing for the milk pipe
  • Easily connectable to Jura coffee machine
  • Milk pipe included

Jura milk pipe encased in a high-quality stainless steel coil spring casing makes the perfect finishing touch to the elegant design of your Jura coffee machine. The opaque casing of high-quality material guarantees optimum protection against UV rays and the effects of light.

The milk pipe with stainless steel casing can be trimmed to the desired length, but we recommend the pre-assembled length of 23 centimetres.

The HP1 milk pipe with steel casing is compatible with the following Jura coffee machines:

A7, A9, D6, D60, E6, E60, E600, E8 (2015), E80, E800 (2015), ENA 8, ENA 9, ENA micro 8, ENA micro 9, ENA micro 90, F9, F900, IMPRESSA A5, IMPRESSA A9, IMPRESSA C50, IMPRESSA C60, IMPRESSA C70, IMPRESSA C75, IMPRESSA F8, IMPRESSA F85, IMPRESSA F95, WE8 (2015), E6 EA.

Product number
  • Article number: 24112
  • Milk pipe length: 23 cm
  • The package contains a milk pipe, stel casing and a connector. (The milk pipe is inside the casing).