The Flair Espresso Maker was born from the heart of an espresso lover and inventor who set out on a journey to make espresso right, in the comfort of his own home. He asked the question, “What is the minimum needed to make a great espresso?” This meant no gadgets; just pure, delicious espresso. His background and experience in engineering was useful, and after dozens of prototypes a simple, elegant and affordable espresso maker incorporating all the essentials for a perfect espresso was born.

Everything today is faster, more efficient, constantly in a hurry. Somewhere along the line the enjoyment of the process has been lost. At Flair the journey is equally valued as the goal. Therefore the process of making the tastiest espresso you can get is as important as enjoying the brew.

"We believe that happiness comes from savoring the best things in life, like a hug, a sunset, or a perfectly pressed cup of espresso made right."

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