Orphan Espresso Pico Travel Pouring Pitcher With Lid 360 ml

Orphan Espresso Pico Travel Pouring Pitcher for Pour Over Coffee, Yellow

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  • Great For Travel Or Home Use
  • Stainless Steel Flow Control Gate
  • Lid With Steam Escape Hole
  • 100 % Food Safe Silicone Body & Lid

The Orphan Espresso Pico Pitcher is specifically designed for use when brewing single serve pour over filter style coffee.

  • The body and lid are made of 100 % FDA Silicone, therefore the pitcher is flexible, unbreakable, and heat resistant.
  • Pico features a Stainless Steel Flow Control Gate which allows you to pour a 3 mm, 4 mm or 5 mm water stream (low, medium, or high flow) by simply changing the position of the Gate.
  • The Lid has a hole in the center for steam escape, or a thermometer if you choose to use one!
  • The ergonomic handle free design provides excellent balance, and control resulting in pinpoint accuracy of the pouring stream.

The combination of ergonomics and flow control means the pitcher is extremely easy to use for anyone making pour over filter style coffee - the experienced barista, or the complete novice!

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  • Colour: Yellow

  • Height: 15 cm

  • Weight: 250 g
  • Practical Working Capacity of 360 ml of water (to gate level)